Attention speech

Initially, consciousness is unbalanced, direct. We observe what is. From the first minute of birth. Even before, but especially when we leave the safety and comfort of the womb, because the survival program activates the predatory mind that perceives and saves that experience and is thus developing. We begin to evolve directly, the way it is. We learn the language of life as it is because a child's consciousness is undisturbed.

Attention speech

And then, somewhere around the third year of life, the child begins to notice that what he/she observes and evokes directly does not matter to the environment. He/she slowly begins to reject the "language and communication" that he/she developed and built before then, and begins to adopt forms that are acceptable to the environment. The child feels he/she is not unconditionally accepted and thus begins to imitate his loved ones (primarily parents, guardians ...). In this way, the child puts various masks on, new personalities, behaviors, and manipulation starts. The child does all this to defend and keep his/her will intact. He/she learns to select desirable observations in line with what the environment directs attention to. In this way, the child imitates reality, adapts to the expected reality, and starts to reject his/her awakened one. This is how the child slowly but surely (depends on how much a parent persists in hindering the child's will) leaves his/her "world", his/her reality and his/her power to follow that reality.

At age 3, we do not only lose the spontaneity of orientation, action and attention management in order to raise awareness of the immediate, but we also gain a new mind that captures a new reality and slowly takes over the inherent mind. This new mind is an installation that builds walls and insulation.

But all those addictions that come with the learned reality and the agreed observation can not overcome that original to live our own lives. So we start 'searching' after recognizing the existing. We begin to reconsider all what we call reality, especially the reality that set our 'I'. And gradually we free ourselves from our own description. And we start to remember.....because evertyhing is written in the matrix of our body, in our energy, since every experience is a combination of energy at the moment of perception, even when it is not direct. When we are free from the strong dialogues of the mind, we can recall every experience.

And what do we gain from all that? First of all, we are closer to the knowledge of who we really are and how we are in relation to the environment. To get closer to all that, it is necessary to understand the information that is stored within us (knowledge, skills, experiences, opportunities ...). And to achieve that, we need the methods and techniques that will help us.

One of the methods that helps us build a harmonious picture of the world is fractal method. The principle of similarity is used when a person draws his/her first fractal drawing. At a certain point we accidentally enter our own inner state in the drawing. We paint ourselves, our experiences, emotions, thoughts, bodies. Our drawing contains information about ourselves. Drawing and the one who draws it are similar as two drops of rain. If the world around us is a fractal structure, the painter represents macroscosmos and the drawing represents microcosmos. Both are in constant interaction, which means that we are changing and renewing the world through the formation of the environment, and also the environment affects the life of every person and changes it. By analogy we discover that, by correcting the drawing itself following certain rules, we change it, but we are also subject to change. What you see, you become.

And that is the essence of this art therapy. The change from the inside out. The fractal method completely excludes external stimuli and reactions to them, thus achieving the goal of exclusion of reason and its replacement with the unconscious. In this way, we get a true picture of our deep psycho-emotional and physiological condition at the time of drawing.

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