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In my own transformation I have gone through various traditional systems of spiritual development, TM, rejuvenation, yoga, hune, reiki healing system, direct truth experience intensives, as well as contemporary personal development systems (Essen psycho-cybernetics, transformation of karmic forms, thetahealing, fractal method). My fastest transformations followed the period of brethariness, life on prana. I have not been personally identified with either a technique or the developmental system I practice or teach. With due respect, I consider them at a given moment a good means of personal development. My personal approach is a 'direct path', which requires personal, direct and deliberate active participation of a person and taking responsibility for their own lives. I also believe that the treatment of the body should be addressed to classical medicine, and systematic and subtle internal changes should be followed by regular controls and results of medical findings. My work methods are: Individual Consultations and Workshops (Transformation of Karmic Forms, Art Therapy - Fractal Drawing, Essen psycho-cybernetics, Reiki Usui and Karun) Information, Pre-Announcements and Contact:

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Workshops of drawing with fractal method

Time: 16. and 17. 06. 2017. From 10am to 6pm

Place: Salvia Residence, Crikvenica, Zidarska 42

The fractal drawing method is scientifically researched and proven, gentle, noninvasive, meditative and enjoyable. It is intended for adults and children and does not require any prior art in drawing.


By adopting this method you are open to a balanced emotional state, increased intellectual ability, ability to reduce stress and negative experience, increase in vitality, improved health, reduced internal conflicts, faster recovery after illness or trauma, expansion of fractal creativity that connects conscious with the unconscious. The advantage of the method is that a person while creating a fractal drawing enters a large amount of information into the image itself, thus allowing the initiation of an internal dynamism that heals in a creative way by activating internal reserves. This enables not only diagnosis of the problem but also its (self)treatment. This method helps to discover hidden features and improves the psychophysical condition by activating deep subconscious mechanisms.

Information and applications for participation:
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