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Personal development is not the privileged of the chosen few. We are witnessing daily changes that guide people to take responsibility for their own lives through lifelong learning and the discovery of personal creative potential.

Metode rada

Nowadays, many modern personal development systems are available that can help people become closer acquainted with who they are and how they are in relation to the environment. In order for people to turn to nature, it is necessary to understand the information stored within them (knowledge, skills, experiences, possibilities...).

In order to achieve that, they need the methods and techniques that will help them achieve their goal and connect them to themselves - their true feelings and deep personal goals.

Only mentally and spiritually healthy individuals are able to create a healthy community.

It is therefore the duty of every individual to become aware of the negative (pathological) mental state in order to create the basis for a healthy relationship towards spiritual experience. Harmonious relationship with ones own family, partner or friends, liberation of creativity, cleansing of mental blockages and toxic identifications are preconditions for a correct understanding and communication of spiritual experience.

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SUMMER CREATIVE WORKSHOPS Workshops of drawing with fractal method Time: 16. and 17. 06. 2017. From 10am to 6pm Place: Salvia Residence, Crikvenica,...

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