Transformation of Karmic Patterns

All human beings are born as a part of a social structure, community, family .... By birth we are already connected and rich in information from all our ancestors from both lines; fathers and mothers. Collection of this information takes place in the prenatal period as well as after the child's birth. By this very fact, we are driven, as a basic need, to be in a relationship, at all cost, to survive.

Therefore, the relationship between a child and a parent is essential to psychophysical health. Although parents are imperfect individuals, the child idealizes them at the earliest age and is willing to do anything to stay in touch with them, even though they have to give up on some part of their personality. Relationship is the third power between two people who often live their lives and thus said power subtly and invisibly influences both persons and can limit them in countless ways. If we have adopted a number of negative beliefs in our relationship with our parents, it is very likely that these beliefs will, if we can’t identify and reject them, limit our potential and prevent us from achieving our self-realization in any life sphere.


The psychic trauma we once experienced is the primary cause of every karmic problem. Traumatic experience is the result of a negative reaction to an unexpected or shocking external influence. The trauma, along with accompanying content, is stored in our subconscious and influences our life from there. All the contents stored in our subconscious are manifested as subtle psycho-energy radiations that emit into our environment. Such contents influence the creation of our reality, although we are often unaware of it. What is stored in the subconscious dominates over what we control consciously, so if our experiences were mostly negative and if we as children survived trauma, we will create a series of negative subconscious beliefs that will further shape our life.

Since those beliefs are created as a result of a traumatic experience, they relate to negative conclusions and decisions followed by certain emotions. As long as they are in the subconscious, they will be activated in the form of a problem with certain symptoms, physical, emotional or mental. The problem will be repeated in certain cycles that are triggered by situations that will serve as a reminder for the need to make the effort in solving the problem. When a person decides to resolve the cause of the problem that lies in the spiritual and when the person recalls the lessons behind those causes, the symptoms will disappear and the experience can be permanent and stable if the person is disciplined and lives the changes he has awakened. In this way, a person gradually meets himself/herself and the "territory he/she inhabits" and is able to connect with others in a healthy way and create a supportive energy network of relationships. The transformation of karmic forms is a conscious and secure method of personal development for sincere and persistent seekers of truth.

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