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When talking about the elderly, we usually think of grandparents, even though in the eyes of children, "older people" may even be those who are older than them by fifteen years. Regardless of the age of the person we consider to be elder, the elderly are always people with the experience we are yet to gain or through which we can learn something.


Here we will talk about the real old age, about our grandmothers and grandfathers, aunts and neighbors who, although retired, can still give and tell us a lot.

There is an old saying that goes like this; "How you are treating the elderly while you are young, so will you be treated by the young when you are old." The saying is a great truth because the relationship with the elderly is taught from the earliest age, mostly by educational role models. If a child in his/her closest environment finds examples of disrespect and neglect towards the elderly, it is very likely that he/she will behave in the same way once he/she is older.

Of course, if someone is old, it does not necessarily mean that he/she is good and honest. These are values that have no connection to age, and to keep children safe their parents need to explain to them how they can recognize one's intentions. However, he elderly we know and count on, can help make our life easier and fuller, and our children's childhood will be painted with the most beautiful memories.

Why is it important to talk to the elderly?

• To learn patience


We live in a hectic time. We look at the clock and constantly count minutes. We complain about wanting to stop the time. And that is possible, however it is not listed as our priority, it is not part of our daily plan. The elderly are slower than young people. They move slower, think before they speak and talk slowly. They look at us as we walk through life and they have their own opinion about it. An opinion that could be interesting to us, if we wanted to hear it. The slow lifestyle and speech of the elderly teaches us how to stop, teaches us patience.

• To hear incredible stories

Life is made with the most diverse stories. Watching movies and reading books, we look at fictional adventures, with or without a valuable life lesson. However, some of the biggest life adventures are here, right in front of us, and are completely free. What the elderly can say about their childhood, youth, the events of a certain past times, cannot be compared to any fictional adventure, it’s true, instructive and enriching.


• In order to relax and enhance life

It has been proven that laughter relieves stress and prolongs life. Older people are often very funny because the body is old, but the spirit remains young. Even thought you might not find their jokes funny, they will surely make you laugh with them, warm your heart and make you smile. Jokes and gentle teasing are their ways to approach you and connect with you. Accept them as good-natured, have fun and relax because that's exactly what they want.

• To help them remain mentally vital

If the elderly are lonely, their mind isn’t going forward. Nowadays, many older people are very active, physically and mentally. They read, write, go hiking, hang out, in other words - they are not giving up. Still, it’s still a matter of character, mentality and circumstances. If it seems that an elder person isn’t active enough, encourage him/her by talking, and if possible, do it while taking a walk. It will connect him/her again to other people.


• To learn selflessness and avoid regret

Too many people are grieving because they have not spent enough time with someone. Do not delay for tomorrow what you can do today, especially if it is love. A phone call to a beloved elderly person is a very small part of your time, and it is often the most important part of his/her. You should visit an elderly person as often as you can, and take care of his/her health. Talk to the elderly person about what they are interested in. Listen and participate, although you may not be interested in the topic in the beginning. You will quickly realize that you are actively participating in the conversation, thus endlessly delighting your conversation partner.

• To learn about wisdom


The elderly have so much wisdom. They will see new technology and conclude that it’s an old idea, just presented in a different way. Their principles are simple, and in this simplicity lies wisdom. They will talk to you about what you can do, not what someone else can do. Experience made them more responsible for their words and deeds. It taught them what is important in life.

• To be able to understand and be grateful

Listening to the elderly as they talk about the ups and downs of their life, we begin to appreciate what we have. When we hear; "In my time ...", we usually roll our eyes or laugh, but if we really let ourselves hear what they have to say, many things could be clearer for us, for example, why older people are resourceful or cautious.

• For the future

Do not forget, if you take into account these things, someone will consider them in many years, because of you.

Source: Lukin portal for children and family



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